If you have any questions about the By-laws or the budget, please contact Pastor Jonathan or Pastor Josh prior to the annual family meeting on January 8th so that we can have a productive conversation together.

Church By-Laws

Since we merged in October of 2015 we have more or less tried to lead our church according to these by-laws.  The first draft of our by-laws was made available to those who asked and also to those who participated in our Covenant Membership Classes.  Please download a copy of these by-laws so we can discuss and vote on them at our annual family meeting, January 8th.

Download Proposed By-Laws here

2017 Budget

The Elder Team and Finance Team have put together a budget for Quarter 1 of 2017.  The budget is based off of the last 120 days of giving at VLC.  Giving will be assessed through Quarter 1 and the Elder Team and Finance Team will put forth another budget in March to be approved by the church family.  This will be voted on, January 8th.  

Download Proposed 1st Quarter 2017 Budget here