40 Days of Prayer and Fasting

daniel plan graphic

Beginning January 20th, VerticalLife Church will corporately begin a season of prayer and fasting.

As a guideline, the curriculum for the well known lifestyle change book, the Daniel Plan will be used. Group meetings will be available to attend each week during the duration of the fast.

Although registration is not required to participate, if you are interested in receiving emails, attending a group, or need a book please click below to fill out our registration form.

The Joyful Health ministry team led by resident RN Valerie Johnson, will be overseeing this study. They will be available to answer questions after worship service on Sundays, or contact Valerie during the week.

6 Week Daniel Plan Schedule

Week 1

Chapter 1: How it all Began

Chapter 2: The Essentials

Chapter 3: Faith

Week 2

Chapter 4: Food

Chapter 10: 40-Day Meal Plan

Week 3

Chapter 5: Fitness

Chapter 9: Daniel Strong

40 Day Fitness Challenge

Week 4

Chapter 6: Focus

Week 5

Chapter 7: Friends

Week 6

Chapter 8: Living the Lifestyle