Help for Life's Problems

Our Biblical Counseling ministry is lead by Dr. Mark Schmitz, director of Soul Care Counseling.  The driving passion of this ministry is that God's word truly does set people free from all sorts of life problems.  Our team is equipped to gracefully walk along side people in the midst of their struggles and suffering and offer help and hope through God's word.  It really is that simple.  

Currently, we offer free counseling to our community on Thursdays.  We ask that counselees fill out a request form to begin the process of setting up an appointment.  See below to understand more about what we do and don't do.

Areas of Help

We offer help to people struggling in the following areas:
Marriage (including Pre-Marital Counseling)
Family (working with adolescents and children)
Addictions (Substances, Pornography etc)
Emotional Problems
Post Abortion (More Info Here)
Decision Making

Dealing with the Past
Conflict Resolution