Important Information

Thank you for taking the time to register for Baby Dedication.  This page will give you all the necessary information to ensure that this event in your child's life is meaningful for your whole family.  There are several steps in this process that we want you to be aware of:

  1. Register online (Even if you told us verbally there is important info we need here)

  2. Watch these two videos and complete the homework (Don't worry it's not that bad)

  3. Email a photo of your child to (this photo will be shown on Sunday morning, May 12th during our worship gathering.

  4. Attend Parent Orientation on May 12th, @ 10:00AM in Pastor Jonathan’s office at the Grace Extension Center (111 West 8th St. Newton, NC)

  5. Invite friends and family to join you at our Sunday Morning Celebration and Baby Dedication on May 12th

Why Baby Dedication?

Baby dedication is a ceremony that is a part of our Sunday morning gathering on May 12th.  The purpose of Baby Dedication is for parents to dedicate their children to the Lord.  Each parent makes a public commitment to disciple their children to know and love God with all their heart, soul, mind and strength.  The congregation also makes a commitment to assist those parents on that journey.

Parent Orientation

Parent orientation is May 12th, in Pastor Jonathan’s office at the Grace Extension Center.  The purpose of the orientation is to make sure we have digital photos and correct spelling of the child's name.  We cover all the details for what will take place during the worship gathering.  Parents bring their homework assignments with them.  Finally, parents will have a chance to meet our children's directors and learn how our children's ministry can assist parents in the discipling of their children for the glory of God.